Ocean Walk Recovery offers a fresh start to Men recovering from active Alcohol & Drug Addiction, by living a day at a time in  Safe Supportive Housing. We offer HOPE in a fun, helpful, caring, clean & sober environment, our focus is on showing you, the Man recovering, that you are not alone any more. Our sober living homes are located just over a mile from the beach, with many job opportunities & over 100 12 Step Meetings, per week nearby, our units are fully furnished, with Two Free laundry facilities on the premises, as each house has a Washer and a Dryer, also we provide free Paper Towels and Toilet Paper. The local Bus Stop is right outside our front door. Banks, Groceries, K Mart & many other stores for purchasing needed items or working opportunities, are 1/2 mile walk, from our front door.

Ocean Walk Recovery‚Äôs goal is to bridge the gap between stopping active using, going to Detox & or Treatment if needed & returning to living a full life. We have 35 years of experience with helping thousands of Addicts & Alcoholics getting & staying Clean & Sober & we can help you or your loved one as well. We will provide healthy support, training & direction for living day to day, through the concerns, fears, all the ups & downs of re-entering the work force, family relationships & especially living peacefully with themselves, while staying Alcohol & Drug Free. Helping our residents to develop new healthy relationships with other new Men in recovery as well as Men from our community who have many years of recovery.

Ocean Walk Recovery has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding any drugs or alcohol, which includes any over the counter item like mouthwash, cold medicines, after shave, food items like vanilla or anything that contains any mood altering substance.

Ocean Walk Recovery also has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding any violence, threats of violence or intimidating behaviors.

Ocean Walk Recovery requires all residents to attend, at least one, 12 Step meeting, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, or Gamblers Anonymous every day, no exceptions.

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Lantana, Florida 33462
3/10 Mile South of Lantana Road
1/2 Mile north of Hypoluxo Road
2 Mile walk to the Beach & Ocean
Contact: David Mitchell 561.929.6900

Ocean Walk Recovery is a sober living halfway house in Lantana, FL (which is just between West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, and only moments away from the robust recovery community in Delray Beach.)  South Florida is a series of small beach towns that run along the coast and provides a peaceful, serene setting for men in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

For more information or help finding a halfway house in the Delray Beach area, please be sure to call David today directly at 561.929.6900