Any time a Halfway House is offering free rent, free phones, free gym memberships, or anything to entice you to come to them is a place you should stay away from.  Reputable Halfway Houses do not do this.  While this seems to be a great opportunity to get some much needed cash, Houses that do this are placing you in the hands of people that do not care about you, your treatment, your future, or regards for your life.  They will talk a great game, be your best friend, connect with you sharing their recovery story, pose as a recovery advocate and make you feel like they can help.  However, they only care about the personal monetary gain from placing you and how they can manipulate the insurance company to pay for treatment.  These entities have been known to allow drugs and alcohol use, and entice relapse so you go back to a higher level of care.  It is vital to be aware of this when seeking sober homes.

     These situations with offers of free enticements will put you at high risk for relapse, homelessness and even death.